Cut Air
Jim Denley has been playing flute since 1969 – after 50 years of a curious love/hate relationship with the instrument this is his first solo flute-only recording.
He aims to situate this music within a global outlook, with a pacific perspective. Being from a continent, Australia, where there is no flute tradition, he’s taken cues and elements from flute traditions that still have power and currency — the European flute with it’s purity, brilliance and dexterity, the earthy simplicity of bamboos from Papua New Guinea, the shamanism of Amazonian ritual instruments, the far east refinement of Shakuhachi and Nohkan (he studied with Yamaguchi Goro in the 1980s), the dynamism of the Gaita, the timbral thickness of Kaval and Neh, to name just a few. But above all the flute traditions of the Solomon Islands have been a great inspiration.
Jim Denley is among Australia’s foremost improvisers with musical activity spanning four decades. An emphasis on spontaneity, site-specific work and collaboration has been central to his work. Besides producing numerous CDs, Jim har recorded for ABC Radio, BBC Radio 3 and for Germany’s WDR, also composing numerous sound works for radio, most notably Collaborations, his radio feature commisioned by the ABC which won the Prix Italia in 1989. His 2006 and 2008 recordings from the Budawang Mountains for the ABC recieved an Honorary Prize in the Prix Ars Electronica. Derek Bailey included Jim’s writing in his classic text « Improvisation » published by the British Library. In 2006 and 2007 he recieved a Music Fellowship from the Australia Council for the Arts to research and develop his concept of ‘meta instrument.

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