LP/DL makiphon 003
Steersman: Cees Plug
Rowers: Iense Roos, Rein Jan Buren, Iemke Ruijg, Jelle Cupido, Cor Langerak, Rik Plug, Jauk Hek
In memoriam Cees Plug † 2013
With particular thanks to Oerol as well as the cultural office of the city of Cologne for making this record possible.
ROW goes back to a collecting of field recordings that Hirsch took for Oerol, an annual theatre festival taking place on the West Frisian island of Terschelling/NL.
The recording was taken aboard the ARAD, a lifeboat of the Dutch rowing team Roeiteam Terschelling Recreatie during a training exercise on 25 April 2011. The course stretched from the harbour of West-Terschelling out into the Wadden Sea and back again. The focus is on the coxswain’s commands which resemble a funk singer’s ones and which make the team become one body working their way through the waters.
Throughout the last years, different versions of ROW have been featured and broadcast, among others during the Marrekech Biennale as part of a sonic ambulation project in taxis by Saout Radio/2014, MO Lautsprecher, a sound art programm of Museum Ostwall in Dortmund/2014, Radiophrenia, Glasgow/2015, or as part of a golden record produced by Aphids, Australia/2015, making reference to the Voyager Golden Record by putting together extracts of international sound art in order to shoot them into outer space.

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