2LP/CD/DL Pingipung 53

VIA is Andi Otto’s fourth solo album, on which he presents his music under his actual name instead of the Springintgut moniker. Hundreds, mostly incognizable microsamples of vocal, instrumental and percussive snippets which Otto found on vintage Indian movie soundtrack vinyls build the atmospheric foundation for the eleven tracks. Embraced by a slow, relaxed and steady kickdrum, this buzzing backdrop features a bunch of instruments and musicians.

First of all, there are the mesmerizing vocals of MD Pallavi in two tracks. Her South Indian singing style erupt in a virtuosic, percussive solo on both “Bangalore Whispers” and the title track “VIA”. Andi Otto and MD Pallavi have worked in a studio in Bangalore during summer 2016 and will present the album in live concerts during their Japan tour in April 2017.
Throughout the album, Otto’s string instruments cello, harp and psaltery are woven into the beat structures or play the themes of the tracks (Kyoto Pebbles, Bandini Beach). In the STEIM studio in Amsterdam Andi Otto had the chance to record the local engineer Sybren Danz with his self-built modular synthesizers as well as a Roland System 100, one of the greatest classics of analog synths. (“Everybody Needs a Modular Kraut Session”, “Dharti Cash Puke”).



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