LP/DL Interstellar Records INT040
The Austrian trio TUMIDO with Bernhard Breuer (Elektro Guzzi, Metalycée, Innode) on drums, Gigi Gratt (Gis Orchestra, Ni, Romanovska) on trumpet, tres and Mario Stadler (Fang den Berg, The Sickerboys) on guitar, bass and electronics released their seventh album Nomads on Interstellar Records in 2014.
Two years later their new album « xaxim » arrives. « xaxim », being one of the tracks on « nomads », was, for TUMIDO, the ideal track to be remixed. They invited friends and members of other bands to do remixes of „Xaxim » for this album.
On the first track NIK HUMMER (Metalyée, Ex-Thilges3) derives maximum energy from the sounds, as on the second track STEFAN NÉMETH (Innode, Ex-Radian) blows your mind with a monotonous loop which, over time, gets to the peak of intensity. On side B of this 180 gr 12inch Vinyl, BUENOVENTURA (Elektro Guzzi) puts TUMIDO on the dancefloor with danceable and inteligent beats and TUMIDO themselves finish this album with an epic soundscape.
Xaxim is one of those albums that demand a powerful soundsystem for maximum intensity. « Lärm erzeugt Energie » (« Noise generates energy ») Bernhard Breuer said in an interview once, and he’s still right!



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