CD/DL Aurora ACD5084
ALVIN LUCIER: Two Circles · OREN AMBARCHI, JAMES RUSHFORD: Monocots · JAN MARTIN SMØRDAL: My Favorite Thing 2 · JULIAN SKAR: Kunsten å tvile 2 · KRISTINE TJØGERSEN: Travelling Light 2
Ensemble neoN
Ensemble neoN ́s debut album, with works by Alvin Lucier and Oren Ambarchi amongst others, establishes the group as a considerable force on the experimental music scene for years to come.
Defying genre boundaries
Although rooted in the experimentalism of contemporary Western art music, Ensemble neoN easily defies any conventional genre boundaries, drawing on musical impulses and inspirations ranging from improvisation, soundscapes and musical theater, to pop and electronica. An inspirational contributor to the continually expanding borders of the art musical world, Ensemble neoN creates and performs works which cross musical genres and art forms, demanding flexibility and creativity. The album consists of music by Alvin Lucier, Oren Ambarchi & James Rushford, in addition to works by the ensemble ́s own composers Kristine Tjøgersen, Jan Martin Smørdal and Julian Skar.
Ensemble neoN
Formed in 2008 by JAN MARTIN SMØRDAL and JULIAN SKAR, together with a group of musicians with a background at The Norwegian Academy of Music, Ensemble neoN aims to present music at the highest level possible, focusing on Norwegian and international works. The group and its members have already made an impact and gained recognition both as individual musicians and as a group at home in Norway – most notably winning a Norwegian Grammy Award for their collaborative album with Susanna Wallumrød, “The Forester” – and internationally, with The New York Times describing the group as “an impressive group” for their performance at the 2016 Mata Festival.

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