2LP/CD/DL Ici d’ailleurs IDA125
Release date: October 21
« Beauty and intensity get equal space here. »
Sasha Frere-Jones, LA Times
Trupa Trupa play rock, come from Poland and consist of four musicians in a guitars-bass-drums-keyboard-vocals line-up. Their third and latest album, Headache, was released in 2015 on Blue Tapes And X-Ray Records on CD and cassette. A pretty traditional way of doing things, some would say, for a young group from a country that few consider for its rock culture.
The story of Headache would perhaps have ended there if a certain Sasha Frere-Jones, one of today’s most prominent and influential critics, hadn’t written in the Los Angeles Times that « one of the best rock bands doing business now is from Gdansk, Poland.“
Trupa Trupa synthesizes what is best in the genre since the early 90s – from Pavement to Slint via The Black Angels – with unstoppable, spontaneous compositions with a real freshness. But it is primarily as an album, a true thoughtful and constructed set of 11 tracks which cannot be separated from each other, that Headache really comes into its own.
And that’s our subject today – the third album of a band that nobody saw coming but which according to certain innovators who have had the chance to listen to it really is a rare pearl. This is the story of a record that proves that sometimes the best things come from where we least expect them and just impose themselves as self-evident. And the quality of this album is indeed self-evident. The fact that it will still be being played in 10 years is self-evident too as is the conviction that here we are dealing with a major record.
Their new album is expected in early 2017 and in the meantime here at Ici d’Ailleurs we are overjoyed to bring out a remastered version of Headache, available on October 21st on CD and digitally, along with the first pressing in double vinyl.
« This is an incredible work. The result is their first moment of true greatness. » – The Quietus.

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