Drei Drei Drei
LP/DL Veals & Geeks (LP) VAG017 / Les Disques en Rotin Reunis (DL) LDRR#056
Bader Motor is back with a new album on the Belgian label Veals & Geeks, presenting a majestic blend of Krautrock, Thomas Pynchon, ‘Pataphysics, a rhythm box, abuse and Persephone. If your stylus hits this particular LP, you’ll be served a helping of Bader Motor’s special recipe – music that’s like a free ride back from the night club, hair blowing in the wind, pedal to the metal, driving down the fast lane the wrong way. If you’re in the same room, there’s no escape; if you’re in the next room, it just won’t be as loud, obviously.
Bader Motor is a group. Sometimes. The mysterious and individual attributes of ARNAUD MAGUETVINCENT EPPLAY and FRED BIGOT collided in 2008, releasing a swell of psychedelic and sun-kissed inspiration and with it a new class of space and riviera krautrock. Following their first album Musique pour les Plantes des Dieux on Maguet’s label ‘Les Disques en Rotin Réunis’, Bader Motor set the first concrete block in the foundations of Grautag Records and a limited edition 7″ single on LDRR. They’ve played stages in Porto, Brussels, Nice, Anvers, Paris, Berlin, Monaco, Geneva and even Saint-Etienne.

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