John Chantler

Which Way To Leave?
LP/DL Room40 RM463
Release date: August 26
Which Way To Leave? is the latest record by Stockholm based musician John Chantler.
The self-reflexive sequencing that tracks the sub-harmonic series in the opening blast of ‘Falling Forward’ positions the record as Chantler’s most explicitly melodic. These melodies however do not exist in a mono-dimensional vacuum, rather they co-exist in a meshed framework of dynamic timbral layers.
The record’s abrupt cuts, deft variations of density and unexpected diversions are happily explored with headlong dives into ravishing texture and extended stretches of surface stasis. The music draws on a domestic reimagining of the traditions of studio based electronic music/musique concrete and 20th century minimalism and delivers this with brash revitalized energy.
Born out of his relocation to Stockholm, following an extended period in London, Which Way To Leave? bares the marks of senses attuned to new environments and spaces.
Recorded for the most part at Chantler’s home studio, additional material was recorded at elektronmusikstudion EMS. It also features guest appearances by Carina Thorén (For Barry Ray) and cellist Okkyung Lee.

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