Bly de Blyant

The Third Bly de Blyant Album
Release date: August 2016
Hilmar Jensson: guitar
Shahzad Ismaily: bass, Moog, shaker
Ches Smith: vibraphone, congas, drums
Øyvind Skarbø: drums
Drummer Øyvind Skarbø’s trio Bly de Blyant, with Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson and Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Shahzad Ismaily (Marc Ribot, Will Oldham, John Zorn), have received glowing reviews for their two previous albums, ABC and Hindsight Bias. On their third album, called simply The Third Bly de Blyant Album, they have brought in percussionist Ches Smith (Marc Ribot, Mr. Bungle, Xiu Xiu) as a guest, and together they take the music in a whole new direction. The band’s third album is their most cohesive release to date.
The trio’s previous album, Hindsight Bias, was the result of the three musicians’ uninhibited playfulness with the material at the Grieghallen Studio, where they had access to a variety of instruments and an intriguing selection of old equipment. They used a large number of overdubs, and the studio setting was an important element in the dynamic result.
The Third Bly de Blyant Album, however, was recorded directly on tape in a side room in Jakob Church in Bergen, and very little recording of additional tracks or editing was carried out afterwards. The soundscape is more naked and acoustic this time. The expression is also more disciplined, but the band is still brimming with creative power.

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