Julien Day

White On White
MC/DL A Guide To Saints SNT016
An Infinity Room is the durational sound project of Australian composer and artist JULIAN DAY.
Exploring ideas of time, space and harmony, Day’s work as An Infinity Room work at the nexus of perception and environment. His live performances, using identical keyboards which are ‘played’ in unison, are affairs of deep harmonic beating. Tones ring out in the space and flutter into one another creating a flurry of microtonal variation. The affect is subtle, but powerfully focused, capturing the essential nature of sound in space.
This edition collects three pieces composed and recorded in Sydney.
About An Infinity Room
An Infinity Room (AIR) is a study into the weight of air. Artist and composer Julian Day brings together matching vintage synthesizers to create ‘rooms within rooms’ of highly active vibratory fields. He uses simple algorithmic patterns to generate perpetually shifting drone melodies, modulating the density of the surrounding airspace as a form of ‘turbulent geometry’. The deeply intersecting long tones enliven the air to create a deeply embodied psychoacoustic experience for the listener. Since 2009 AIR has appeared in New York, London, Edinburgh, Berlin, Prague, The Hague and throughout Australia, supporting Oval, Marina Rosenfeld, Josef van Wissem among others.

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