12“EP/DL Hyperdub HDB101
Release date: July 22
Londoner Endgame is a new addition to the Hyperdub roster following releases on Lisbon’s Golden Mist Records, and NYC based Purple Tapes Pedigree.
Endgame hosts an excellent monthly show ‘Precious Metals’ on NTS Radio station and produces and DJ’s as part of the unpredictable Bala Club collective (also featuring Uli K, Kamixlo and Rules). He’s already had mixes and features with the likes of the Fader, Fact, Dazed and Confused and ID under his belt in the short time he’s been releasing music.
In his ice-cold productions, Drill, Grime and most notably South American dance riddims are threaded and mutated into tracks that he describes as an ever- evolving vision of the dystopian underbelly of London.
‘Felony Riddim’ is an icy introduction to the EP, an explosive club jam with a menacing and stabbing chime melody leading up to a pounding kick drum. It’s all out war, but you can definitely roll your hips to it. ‘Sittin Ere redux’ recasts Dizzie Rascal’s ‘Boy in the Corner’ opener into a tense anthem, with police sirens wailing in the background, dogs barking, rolling 808 snares that bring a vibe somewhere between reggaeton and drill. Next up is ‘Fallen’ featuring the MC Organ Tapes – a slow burner that works both as a moody headphone track or a club slow jam. Organ Tapes’ slurred auto tuned vocals flow perfectly with Endgames blend of grime drums and chiming rap production. The EP finishes as it began, and goes out with the explosive and high-energy ‘Toxic Riddim’. It’s a mix of reggaeton and futurist dancehall, with a menacing melody and relentless electric shock -like hi hats across a deep sub.
Endgame takes you all around the world – but the grimy tone unmistakably brings you right back to winding in a dark club in London’s culture clash.

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