When In Rome [Live Session 2015]
Giovanni Guidi and Raffale Costantino, two contemporary music interpreters will meet up for the first time giving life to a live EP.
Individual technique, complete mastery of their own instruments, strengthened inspiration, artistic ripeness for a musical bond expressed at a high level, goes under the name of BOOM.
When in Rome is the name of the first release of the duo, a mainly live-recorded bootleg that precedes the radio station work they are accomplishing.
A meeting testament in which BOOM takes a clear direction. Proving to have a revolting approach out of mainstream jazz and electronic rules, and certainly aimed at an original, unmatched sound unlikely consistent by others. There are no boundries of source, a non specific style, but here you can track up and down throughout the EP tracks, a brimming creativity based on talent and connection, and on the exchanging roles between the two artists to show how significant the compassion is among the two characters and how complete the improvisation is.
Themes will go from visionary soundtracks (Corleone’s Anesthesia) to the exalting of cultural outburst of our era (Piano Extremist), showing a range of tones and colours in countless meaningful opportunities. The performance will begin with a homage to the beginning of pirate downloads (First Track On Napster), then it goes through a movement memory of a production line by the two tightly correlated following tracks (Breaking A Production Line and Production Line).
The future burst strongly into the duo sound, that also excels with the extraordinary contents, the extravagance and care in creating always different snap-fit both timbre-ic rhythmic.
When in Rome also introduce a new series of releases LBL branded. The creative factory was born a year ago, hence enlarge its rage at the record industry executive.
Some important projects are in progress and will be presented in the course of the year in cooperation with some of the most important italian producers as Donato Dozzy or Neel working with Jazz artists and style represented by such level of talents like Michele RabbiaFranco D’AndreaFrancesco Bearzatti and many others.

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