Bending Time in Waves
CD/DL Humpty Dumpty Records HMPTY030
Amute, JÉROME DEUSON’s musical alias, released its two first albums, both internationally acclaimed, on Canadian label Intr-Vision Records in 2004 and 2006. Deuson then decided to focus on the live aspect of his music, and began integrating other musicians to the compositions. Written and recorded as a full band, the album Infernal Heights for a Drama came out in 2009. Flying away from minimalist folktronica, Amute embraced a sensual and powerful electro rock. In 2011, Humpty Dumpty Records released Black Diamond Blues, a very dense and personal album that explored Deuson’s more experimental and melancholic side, not so far from the works of Tim Hecker or Christian Fennesz.

2016 – Deuson’s back with his 6th album – Bending Time in Waves. He continues to elude any classification’s attempt by explorating new territories, creating a symbiosis between contemplative electronic music, abrasive pop melodies eyeing to post rock and shoegaze where every element, acoustic or electronic, lives and blends in complex compositions. However, Bending Time in Waves is his more open and shinny piece of work since years.

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