Owl Rave’s debut is dark, melancholic and driven by honest simplicity.

Owl Rave use David Lynch’s „Twin Peaks“ as their main reference. The album’s sonic setting, especially the sound scapes, are heavily influenced by the duality between a seemingly perfect world and deep abysses. They are set in and around the sinister places of Twin Peaks: dreams, visions, brothels and run-down bars.

Straight melodies, layered atmospheres and simple beats are enveloped by shapeless drones. Horror jazz and heroin blues lose themselves inside ambient landscapes. Lyrically and musically, Owl Rave deal with themes of desire and despair, wherein the former stays unfulfilled and the latter stays omnipresent.





OWL RAVE originated as Gregor Huber’s (formerly of Todesstern) bedroom project in 2014. It was originally intended to calm him down and take some much needed wind out of his sails. Twin Peaks, David Lynch and Badalamenti were essential in conjuring up these types of atmospheres and moods. Slowness gradually became the momentum: Doom jazz, early dubstep, drone and ambient made their way into his musical socialization that up until then was moulded by HC, metal and drum’n’bass.
The nucleus of OWL RAVE’s work is dark, simplified, reduced and melancholic deepness. Former Todesstern colleagues Markus Dolp (vocalist of Bug) and Antonia Steiner (former vocalist of The Shirley MacLaines) fleshed the project out to a three-piece. With those additions, Owl Rave gained a valuable new layer and was able to inject versatility into its narrative structure.
OWL RAVE is a multimedia project: visuals, videos and coherent artwork are stylistic devices that are used with the same level of sincerity as the music is performed. Anna Ladinig frames all those elements with her visuals, which draw from both digital and analogue source material. At the end of the day, Owl Rave is a concept band that helps itself to pieces of pop culture scenery, strives to be convincing and is not afraid of quotes.


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