When Suddenly the Ground Shakes… the Blackbird in Me Coming Out

When Suddenly the Ground Shakes… the Blackbird in Me Coming Out
DL Comfortzone CZ028

Mastering: Martin Siewert
Artwork: Susi Klocker

It’s time to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Vienna-based label comfortzone with a compilation featuring producers in various fields of electronic music – what they all in common have is an interest in the darker sides of (post)techno music. Contributions range from label-related acts like Bluereed (aka Myako, cz009) and chra (cz001,cz010), vienna based friend and labelowner of TEMP~Records Irradiation, long-time Berlin friend and techno party pioneer and owner of Elektro Music Department Mo, who is also running Media Loca booking agency – to UK-based producer and labelowner of Structurerecordings Shelley Parker as well as to LCC who released d/evolution last year on Editions Mego. More tracks to be announced from Silvia Kastel who we met through a Blackest Ever Black Night in Berlin, completed by 3rynnia accompanied by artists we found through soundcloud or recommendations like: Dawn, Moon Ra, Key and Laura Luna.

The compilation will be available exclusive on junodownloads and comfortzone bandcamp.

CHRA – vienna based producer who loves deep frequencies and watching birds. owner of comfortzone. Nemec, who is a member of various band projects like Shampoo Boy (together with Peter Rehberg and Christian Schachinger) or the female berzerker formation SV Damenkraft, has succeeded in producing a significant LP, that merges dark techno and industrial with found sounds and ambient scapes, resulting in a compositoric minimalism that is ushering us in a state of existential trance.

BLUEREED – Anais Sigué aka Myako is an extremely complex and fascinating character. Half African, she holds this colourful kindness that only few carry. But it is in Nantes, where she was raised, that she picked up her strong appetite for freedom. Her collaborations are always driven by great friendships. Her new live project Bluereed, under which she already released an EP, is a constant surprise for its listeners, a lively mash-up of diverse influences.

SHELLEY PARKER – Bass frequencies, live audio feeds and found sounds are recurring themes within Shelley Parker’s performance, installation and music production. Since 2007 she has run the label and events programme Structure. Her recent releases include the Power Station EP and Spurn Point, an album of edits and extracts from her music/sound projects produced from 2011 – 2013. http://www.shelleyparker.co.uk

LCC – LCC (previously known as LasCasiCasiotone) is Ana Quiroga and Uge Pañeda who hail from the Asturias region of northern Spain, and are now based in Gijon. After a a couple of digital only releases Editions Mego is now set to release their first physical full length entitled d/evolution. Since 2014 they are running booking agency persona. http://www.lascasicasiotone.com

SILVIA KASTEL – vocalist and multi-instrumentalis, one half of Control Unit and labelowner of Ultramarina Records. Hailing from Italy but with a predilection for the bleak and jarring sounds of the UK’s first industrial wave, Kastel’s confrontational yet sensual work incorporates voice, rhythm, synths, tape echo and dub influences. She is currently at work on her debut LP proper. https://ultramarinerecords.bandcamp.com

KEY, aka Maiko Okimoto is a MC, singer, producer based in Tokyo, Japan. During her teenage years, while being involved in several bands as a vocalist and guitarist, she immersed herself in music production and audio engineering. She soon became hooked on Drum & Bass after first going to local night “Rock Baby Soundsystem”.Then she started her career as MC in 2006, began performing regularly in various party in Tokyo and hosting “Human Elements”. She is also known as a singer, has worked with producers like Naibu, Heavy1, Ena, Velocity, to name a few. Currently she is performing live sets of her own productions.

LAURA LUNA – Laura Luna Castillo is a multimedia artist based in prague. http://lauralunacastillo.com/cv

DAWN – Vienna based producer.

MO – Mo Loschelder, founder and owner of Media Loca, originally came from Düsseldorf / West Germany where she has studied arts with famous painter Gerhard Richter. In early 1990 she decided to move to what then was East-Berlin because of the exciting historical situation there at that time. Mo was immediately attracted to the musical scene, started to DJ in various clubs, did programming at “Elektro”, a then very a happening place to be, with such names on the calendar as Cristian Vogel, Robert Hood, Electric Indigo, Acid Maria, Patrick Pulsinger… and many more. http://www.media-loca.com/about

IRRADIATION – Patricia Enigl, aka Irradiation, is an electronic artist, DJ and club host as well as the co-initiator and manager of the Viennese label TEMP~, founded in 2003. With it, she has published four EPs in 2014, two EPs and an album. Irradiation’s artistic output is best described as a permanent exploration of the space between repetitive and ab- stract electronic music. The Shrike is reality and fiction: a family of earth birds and a roughly humaniod entity created by Dan Simmons. One moving through air, the other through the void which binds. Both impaling their victims on thorns. Death versus immortality while experiencing endless pain. http://soundcloud.com/irradiation

MOON RA – Marie e le Rose is a sound artist, she works with music therapy, music art therapy and she is a sound researcher. She has done releases with many labels (Forrest Hill Records, No Problema Tapes, Time Released Sound, Laverna, Zamzam Records, Further Records,..) with many monikers referring to many concepts. She compose and realize music for radio, tv and movies. She realize sound design for video installation, mapping and many other performances (with: Apparati Effimeri, vIDEA,…).

3RYNNIA is a vocal/visual artist who fuses nostalgia-drenched lo-fi sounds and vocal splinters with her own soul-clenching voice. she explores the depths of the psyche and enjoys the company of apocalyptic vibrations.
website: http://www.3rynnia.com, av.3rynnia.com

01 chra – Blackbird
02 Bluereed – Le Havre
04 LCC – Airys
05 Silvia Kastel – Generosity of Particles 06 KEY – Eukaryota
07 Laura Luna – Vesper
08 Dawn – Seven Seals
09 Irradiation – Shrike
10 Mo – Icetrain* (EMD 009, 1998)
11 Moon Ra – Timbric Variations#1
12 3rynnia – City behind me


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