Martijn Comes

Tradition Noise
Tradition Noise is Martijn Comes’ fourth full-length album. The project explores the musical and cultural fragmentation, transfiguration and appropriation of foreign sounds and music through the noise aesthetic. Plunderphonia, found sound, field and instrument recordings of the Middle East have provided an abundance of source materials with which to explore a musicality indicative of the culture of the remixer. Particular attention was given to recognizing and respecting the source materials, working with consideration and courtesy, a situation that is often overlooked or even ignored within this developing ‘tradition’ that is noise music. Persisting with this proposal of cultural re-appropriation, Tradition Noise also features two (re)remixes; the first by Chad Mossholder one half of the American duo twine and the second by the independent British producer, Daniel Ruane.
Martijn Comes (*1979) is a Dutch composer who is specialised in new media, sound design and electro-acoustic composition. He graduated at the academy for Digital Communications in 2004 with a thesis on live stage performance with the aid of digital media and studied Composition for Film at the Conservatory of Amsterdam (2010). He wrote diverse works based on research in popular music, contemporary music and classical music combining elements of various acoustic+digital aesthetic, composition techniques and sound design in six releases with Infinite Spaces and Beyond (2014), Wolf (2015) and Tradition Noise (2015) being his most recent albums.
Formed in 2013, The Silent Howl is a record label & music publisher that promotes daring artistic experiments through audio, score and video releases. Tradition Noise is the label’s tenth release. They are based between Southampton, UK and Montreal, Canada.

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