LP/CD/DL Rougge Production RP002CD
Release date: November 20

With his ethereal singing, freed from words, sentences and only accompanied by the piano, ROUGGE aims at raw emotions.

When you think of ROUGGE, you may think of Thom Yorke (Radiohead)’s voice, the sensitivity of Antony and the Johnsons, the audaciousness and the glossolalia of Sigur Ros or Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance). Indeed, Rougge certainly has elements of all of them but condensed in a very personal piano voice solo project.

His first album “Fragments” came from a need to finalize his creations by putting them on a CD. It was released in 2007 and quickly received very good returns on the internet, making ROUGGE confident and willing to present his work beyond his first and second circles of fans. His album was warmly welcomed by music critics in various specialized European web magazines (Skug, Take it easy, Longeur d’ondes etc.). This positive momentum led then to a contract between Rougge and the French publisher Volvox music who heard in the 11 Fragments (the 11 songs of the album), “ambitious and captivating music.” The album was distributed by the digital label Believe and became available on the main downloading platforms (itunes, Amazon…) and on Deezer. ROUGGE also signed a non exclusive agreement with Magnatune, the American independent record label based in Berkeley and Fragments belongs now to their catalogue. Even if ROUGGE doesn’t at first feel really at ease with his music which is often referred to as unclassifiable, he quickly realises that he will not be able to follow the « classic » paths of diffusion and then explores other ways.


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