The Schwarzenbach

Nicht sterben. Aufpassen.
LP/CD/DL Staubgold 142
Release date: October 30

»Spritzbesteckblues! Dath iniziert dem Kammerflimmer Kollektief eine Prise Rock’n’Roll und singt dabei wie einer, der nach Bowie klingt, wenn dieser wiederum nach Lou Reed klingen möchte. (…) Jedes Lächeln ist hier eine Melancholie, und hinter jeder Pointe lauert ein tragischer Abgrund.« – Thomas Hübener, Spex

This meeting was planned by the devil, because he wanted to do some good for a change: the avant-jazz-electronica-rock’n’roll project KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF from Karlsruhe has been assembling a wide range of sounds live and on record ranging from unforeseeable noise, soft sighs of love and exploding hearts of iron since 1996. Now they are making music with writer, journalist and former Spex editor in chief DIETMAR DATH. The musicians and the author chose their shared name in honour of the lesbian author and journalist Annemarie Schwarzenbach.

“Nicht sterben. Aufpassen.” – 9 songs, some intimate, some infatuated, some grim and some relaxed between spoken word, singing voices and music blossoming as by itself in all colours imaginable.

Literature does not want to be nowhere and never, but always and everyone. And Music does not want to be nowhere and never, but here and now. Music is the absolute art of time. The encounter between these two ways of working, the always and everywhere of text and the here and now of music, can cause the kind of convulsive beauty that other people perhaps get from nowhere and never fantasies.


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