Ok Zharp

EP/DL Hyperdub HDB094
Release date: October 30

Okzharp is a project that pivots around South African born London producer GERVASE GORDON, who still maintains strong links to Capetown and Jo’burg and the creative work coming from there.

Dumela113 – Translated as ‘Hello113’ is a suite of house mutations that features the vocals of Manthe Ribane, an artist who runs the creative Capetown studio ‘Studio113’ with her two siblings, while her own work spans dance (she toured as a dancer with ‘Die Antwoord’) modelling, styling, film and photography.
‘Dumella113’ started to take form when the South African Director and photographer Chris Saunders introduced Manthe to Gervase.
Chris and Gervase had started making a film together, called ‘Ghost Diamond’ which Manthe starred, styled and choreographed in. Consequently two tracks from the EP ‘Fede’ and ‘Sizzr’ are also from the soundtrack to the film.

OK ZHARP aka Gervase Gordon

‘Dear Ribane’s lyrics are sung in the language of ‘Tshwana’ and are about being a performer and working on shoots, iI’s about the complexities of understanding different kinds of beauty and being a vessel for other people’s ideas of beauty. The lyrics mock a row of models with the lyric ‘Ostrich 1, Ostrich 2, Ostrich 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ‘the video picks up on the same idea – the smearing black ink on Manthe’s face. The lyrics open out slowly over a sharp kick drum as a minimal keyboard creeps around her poised vocal.

‘Sizzr’, sung in English is a positive mission statement about living in the moment, standing up for what you believe and not letting bad vibes get to you, sung with vocoder over a bittersweet, but positive keys, that flip from beat less to heads down house.

Inspired by a childhood game, ‘Fede’s lyrics play with the question ‘How are you?’ and all the different ways this can be interpreted, her voice glistening with android fx’s over driving Toms and deep bass.

The EP finishes with ‘Glonet’, an instrumental, dubstep indebted house with a wistful Oriental melody that Shifts gears between half speed and double speed.


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