Peter Prautzsch – Palac

Fever Remixes
DL Palacmusic PM011
Release date: October 2

Remixes, huh? For the Fever Remixes EP following the Fever Drawings album release Peter Prautzsch has asked 3 artists to claim one album track each and make it their own – and they all did.

Nogawa Kazune (JP) redecorates Quiet Joys in thick layers of sound, compressing it to the tracks tonal limit. It’s a wet paint sort of thing, it endlessly wallows in its own digital sphere and theme with things to appear and immerse again. Meeting by Chance (Marcin Cichy, PL) does things the other way around – his elaborated version of Night Song minimizes the sound to an almost acoustic level. It’s a beautiful simplification of the dense original, absorbing its melodic aspects and adding a sublime touch of jazz. The production here is remarkable. Then there’s Vegpher (JP). He surely puts in the extra effort. Unlike both Nogawa and Cichy he goes for the big picture and/or sound, twirling and stirring up the Unfold Fully track. It’s a constant change of precise breakbeats, big beat punches and broadband stereo effects. It’s not subtle, this is confident and sublime sound mixing at its best.

01. Quiet Joys (Kogawa Kazune Remix)
02. Night Song (Meeting by Chance Over Night Remix)
03. Unfold Fully (Vegpher Remix)
04. Mourning Colour (Bonus Track)

NOGAWA KAZUNE from Japan runs the DIY music label stuck. He recently published his amazing album Koo She on Chihei Hatakeyamas White Paddy Mountain label. MEETING BY CHANCE is MARCIN CICHY, sound designer and composer from Wroclaw, Poland, known for his part in Ninia Tunes Skalpel duo and numerous other releases. VEGPHER is the rather busy Japanese artist KEIICHI SUGIMOTO, also known as FilFla, FourColor and his part in groups like Minamo and Fonica, releasing on 12K, Tom Lab and Headz JP.


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