Adrian Moore

Séquences et tropes
CD empreintes DIGITALes IMED 15135

The Battle (2013), 14m20s
5.1 tape
Premiere: October 26, 2013, Akousma X — Réseaux, Usine C (Montréal, Québec)
To my mother and her fighting spirit
The Battle conjures a number of battle “scenes,” often cloaked in darkness and mist (a well used acousmatic analogy). It comprises a number of clearly marked attacks, reinforced by skirmishes and feints, large-scale phalanx movements and close-quarter hand-to-hand combat.

Counterattack (2014), 14m55s
7.1 tape
Premiere: March 12, 2015, Concert 1 — 7th International Festival for Artistic Innovation, The Venue — Leeds College of Music (Leeds, England, UK)
Counterattack is a follow-up work to The Battle. The Battle was an acousmatic work in surround format which was broadly in two sections: one, quite ‘granular’ and edgy; the other more pitched and pulsed, with an increasing fascination for layering sounds inspired by the works of Horacio Vaggione. Counterattack is similarly structured from a complex set of multichannel transformations developed from a variety of sources, taking the words of The Battle’s programme as inspiration.

Nebula Sequence (2012), 19m33s
5.1 tape
Premiere: January 31, 2013, From Tape to Typedef, Drama Studio — The University of Sheffield (Sheffield, England, UK)
Creative motivations: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 was the first day in my working life that I went on strike. I thought I was being hypocritical taking my recording equipment with me but with hindsight I experienced a sense of place, a feeling that I was personally doing the right thing, and an enormous sense of the support that those on strike were giving to their colleagues under pressure.

Strings and Tropes (2012), 22m22s
Premiere: February 9, 2013, Concert 3: John Young, Adrian Moore — Soundings…, Reid Concert Hall — Edinburgh University (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
Strings and Tropes is a study in string sounds, in particular plucked and scraped strings. It explores: 1) how techniques of time stretching can draw out pitches and textures; 2) how repetition at different durations and speeds can articulate space and time; and 3) the relationship between gesture and texture as they share the same space.


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