John, Betty and Stella
LP/DL Monotype Records monoLP017

The album by Krojc & Fischerle duo is a cooperation of two musicians, who feel best wandering as creators around stylistic eclecticism. John, Betty & Stella is a directed radio drama based on vintage tapes for learning English. Krojc and Fischerle cut out textbook role plays from the source material gathered on old vinyl, in order to be processed by musical adaptation. The result is a funny and surreal collage of dialogues, sound effects and music resembling as a series of skits, which in the first place expose the sense of humor of its creators. The recordings saturated with tension make even a casual conversation about the nutritional values of porridge to appears in an ambience of a thriller and keep the listener in a hitchcock-ish suspense. – Bartosz Nowicki

Born in Płock in 1978. A graduate of the Karol Szymanowski National School of Music in Płock, in the guitar class. He is a trained Master of Economics graduated from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. From 2001 to May 2011 was the guitarist of Lao Che. Since 2010 he has recorded solo as “Krojc”, “Pokorski” and participates in many other musical projects like “Skadja”, “Klake/ Krojc”. He works also with Marcin Cichy (Skalpel), Teielte, Praczas, Fischerle, remixes music by Wojtek Kucharczyk, Lugozi, Village Kollective and many others. By 2015 Krojc recorded 5 solo LPs and several smaller publications; e.g. album based on the stories of Stanislaw Lem’s “PIRX”, the album “0101” inspired by computer games from the 80s and the album “Fotogram”, which is inspired by Stefan and Franciszka Themersons’ works. His albums were published by such labels as Biedota, MonotypeRec., Requiem Records, InnerGuN and others.

MATEUSZ WYSOCKI (Fischerle, Porcje Rosołowe, Mech)
Lives and works is Warsaw. Musician and producer whose diverse creative interests include electroacoustic music, prepared field recording, audiobooks and dub techno. His sound installations were exhibited in Poland, Greece, Ireland, USA, Italy, and other countries. His music was released by various labels, including: Where To Now?, Chemical Tapes, Crónica Electronica, MonotypeRec, Wounded Knife, U-Cover, BDTA and Minicromusic. In the near future, his new work will be released by Further Records, Farbwechsel and Astral Spirits / Monofonus Press. He runs a tape label Pawlacz Perski. In his spare time, he writes children’s books.


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