Andi Dill VS Lady M – Hessien+ – Esm3

Andi Dill VS Lady M
Saturday evening – between 0h / 3h


Margaret (Lady M) is based in Cape Town and plays a strong and unique electronic sound, continuously earning herself recognition as the country’s original and leading lady in the local deep house scene. She initially began playing on vinyl in her late teens and then moved onto hosting residencies at various cocktail bars before making her mark on South Africa’s nightclub and festival circuit.
Throwing out deeply driving, percussive and melodic house and techno, she experiments and transitions smoothly within her sub-genres and blends the feminine with the masculine in her sets. The result is an explosive journey for both body and mind, with quality delivery being her utmost focus.
To understand the source she studied Advanced Music Production and currently produces in her home studio and is also a frequent at the Red Bull Studios. Her ‘Solitude’ EP released in January 2013 marked her as the first female electronic artist in South Africa to release a solo record. Currently signed to Cape Town based label Triplefire Music she also has her own label Magique Music and runs her own night called ‘Introspekt’.
Being a firm member within the underground scene has led her onto the national circuit alongside the country’s strongest talents. She has also been seen fitting the bill for internationals such as Inland Knights, Jordan Peak, Fur Coat, Soul Clap, David August, Kolombo, Eric Volta, Marco Resmann, Ron Costa, Enzo Siragusa, Alexkid, Ambivalent, Black Coffee, Culoe De Song and Stimming. Spending time abroad for the last three European summers has not only proven to be a sonic adventure and a solid education, but has also seen her edge herself into the international market with gigs in Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin and Ibiza, with 2014 marking her debut at Watergate in Berlin.


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