Oval – Thema Radio Esm3 – 28/06 – 05/07


Thema Web radio Esm3
– 28/06 – 05/07
– 18h/22h –



Markus Popp’s now legendary early Oval album releases sent shockwaves through the “elect​ronica” landscape in the late 1990’s​—intro​ducing a unique, new sound and digital production aesthetic. With an undeniable instinct for the pleasantly irritating, the drastic and the dreamy, Popp pioneered “glitch” and “clicks & cuts”, inspiring and provoking an entire generation of musicians to this day.

In an age of fiddling with freque​ncies, Markus Popp keeps on reinventing music—​merging uncomp​romisi​ng high tech with compelling musicality: distinctly doing his own thing, yet always enthus​iastic​ally dealing with the “now”.


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