You Never Show Your Love
12″EP Hyperdub HDB091
Release date: June 24

Hamilton Canda-based producer and Vocalist Jessy Lanza meets Chicago’s world famous Teklife crew on this sultry EP, with DJ Spinn and Taso’s first released RnB track, and a Teklife, footwork remix with assistance from the late DJ Rashad.

The main mix is a dejected confessional, slow jam with Jessy’s plaintive vocal sitting in the middle of spiralling drums and teardrop-like chords, a gentle guitar refrain dropping in at the end like a comforting hand on the shoulder. Following the instrumental version, the Teklife mix doubles the tempo, switching the gentleness to deliver an interpretation that touches on tense anger, with the sweeping chords the track is built on, snapping into shivering shapes, as strings simmer in the background building the tension.

Bambounou’s ‘Fuck Diamond’ remix (from Jessy’s debut album) appears on vinyl for the first time (after a release last year on the final Hyperdub 10 compilation) and he transforms it into a rough drum machine workout, leaving sparse elements of the original in there; a splash of vocal and a held chord, building a dynamic trance that slips and slides in and out of different patterns.

JESSY LANZA is a producer and singer who comes from Hamilton Ontario, but studied music at Concordia in Montreal. Her debut album which she recorded with partner Jeremy Greenspan from Junior Boys, came out in 2013 to high praise, she was featured in Guardian, Dazed and Confused, Wonderland Pitchfork and more, and performed on KCRW, and Channel 4 in the UK. She has toured with Cut Copy and toured the world with Caribou, as well as contribing a song to his new album. She was also short listed for the Polaris prize 2014 and performed on Canadian TV. She is working on her second album for Hyperdub.

DJ SPINN is the head of Teklife, the now famous Chicago Footwork crew of producers and dancers he founded with his best friend, the late DJ Rashad. He has toured the world extensively as an ambassador of the scene, including touring wih Chance the Rapper and Pitchfork also made a documentary ‘Teklife in Monterrey’ on him and Rashad in early March last year. Another feature documentary ‘i’m tryna tell ya’ by award winning film makers Tim and Barry heavily focuses on Teklife too. He is currently working on his first album for Hyperdub.

TASO is a teklife member and producer from San Francisco, who has collaborates and tours with Spinn, he joined Teklife as they toured the US.


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