Natasha Barrett

Flammepunkt: main and miniatures

‘Flammepunkt’ was a multi-media outdoor performance that took place on the 14th September 2014, Eidsvoll, Norway. ‘Flammepunkt’ was created to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution (Grunnlovsjubileet 1814-2014).

The music for ‘Flammepunkt’ is electroacoustic. It consists of 22 miniature compositions (in stereo) and a 16 minute multi-channel composition called ‘Flammepunkt’. These compositions were inspired by observing how people and governments interact in situations of disagreement: what happens when a large proportion of the population support a protest against their government, what happens when the general public feel they have no voice in their own country, what happened during the more recent political revolutions and democratic flights in Europe and the Middle East.

In ‘Flammepunkt’ I have tried to detach from personal opinion that lends sympathy to one side. Politics and emotions are too complex to cover all reasons and details. Instead I have tried, where possible, to create a balanced view of simple facts: listeners need to be free to decide on their own opinions.

On the 14th September, the music for ‘Flammepunkt’ was set up outdoors: the 22 miniatures were played as a soundgarden and the 16 minute ‘Flammepunkt’ played over a large outdoor loudspeaker concert system. The compositions are however designed to be played in any context – radio, Internet, home listening or electroacoustic concert.

Below you can hear and read about the 22 Flammepunkt miniatures. As the work was commissioned for Norway there is quite a lot of spoken text in Norwegian. However, even if you don’t understand Norwegian, I think you will understand the music from it’s title and brief text. Eventually I will make either English versions or prepare translations of the Norwegian.


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