Eddie Ladoire

Artist : Eddie Ladoire
Album : Intimités
Label : Bruit Clair
Format : CDR / digital
Catalog N°: BC08
Release date: February 20 2014

“Architectural places are often considered like dumb receptacles of sounds. Yet, the choice of materials or volumes acts as a transformer, creating circulation effects for sounds (echo, rotation, etc.), sometimes amplifying, sometimes absorbing or filtering. A specific location associated with a specific use generates a specific kind of sound environment, nuisance more or less bearable (resonance, ventilation, isolation to the outside world).
To create “Intimités”, I used the very properties and the various sound materials of the administrative building « L’Epi Condorcet », in St Jacques de la Lande, a city in the close suburbia of Rennes; of the Art Center of the Villa Tamaris in La Seyne-sur-Mer; and of the “sky-scraper” house by Le Corbusier in Pessac.
From the surrounding streets, from the gardens to the rooftops, through each floor in-between, exploring corridors, rooms, offices, nooks and crannies, I made recordings within and from theses spaces. The sound pieces thus produced mix the time frozen by the recording with electroacoustic compositions made of micro-fictions, snatches of intimacy, conversations, daily gestures”
Eddie Ladoire / Saint Maixant 2013


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