Haven is a performative design instrument that creates an analog soundscape for relaxation by harvesting the wind.
It was inspired by windy Copenhagen. Although sometimes discomforting, wind can also be soothing and pleasant. Haven explores the comforting nature of the whistling sounds of the wind and creates a warm, wool structure for the users to enjoy during relaxation.
Haven consists of arm sleeves that collect air flow through pipes of varying lengths and materials, and a head piece that acts as an analog speaker. The whistling sounds of the wind travel through longer tubes that connect the arm sleeves to the head piece. The sounds are naturally amplified by the pipes and exit through the tunnels in the head piece and into the ear. The goal was to create a personal space for relaxation while protecting users from the harsh nature of the wind. Wool was picked to provide warmth and pipes are intentionally revealed to emphasize the analog nature of the device.
This was a project part of the Performative Design module at the Copenhagen Institute of interaction Design (CIID). Thanks to David Gauthier and Di Mainstone for their assistance in this project.
Project by Andrew Spitz, Kat Zorina and Kenneth Aleksander Robertsen.


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