D’incise .. annonce

Artist D’Incise
Album Akènes
Label Bruit Clair / Drone Sweet Drone
Format CDR / digital
Catalogue N° BC07
Release date October 2012


D’incise (born in 1983, living in Switzerland) is an electroacoustic musician, doing both composed and improvised works, from so called electronica to musique concrète, drone, EAI and post-reducionnism influences. He mainly focuses on generation and manipulation of acoustic sound sources and objects, loves feedbacks and digital glitches as well. He tends to extract the most tiny details of the elements, appreciates slowness and obsessive explorations of simple processes.

D’Incise coordinates the Insubordination netlabel, dedicated to improvised musics, and was activly inside the Audioactivity collective and netllabel, does graphic design and works sometimes on sound installations.

Deeply influenced by the free culture thinking he loves to share and spread his albums and creations on the web.

Composed between 2009 and 2010, Akènes saw D’Incise turn towards a more organic way of producing music. A real deconstruction of the rhythmic and melodic structures leading to an extremely free type of electronica.

This record is co-produced with french label Drone Sweet Drone.


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